Monday, April 2, 2007


On my site I place a quick start guide for those athletes starting to at least THINK about a training program. Quick start pointer #1 is in reference to beverage consumption.

Zero or near zero calorie beverages are the only thing permitted during the start up phase of my program. Those being primarily water, coffee and tea. There is a reason for this. It is tremendously easy to suck down 400-1000 calories of nothing before you realize what has happened. You can drink back on the calories from a hard morning’s workout before the check has arrived.

In addition, quick trip type beverages are loaded with sugar. At this point everyone should recognize the deleterious impact of this additive.

Drinking Gatorade or other fluid replacements is no better. Gatorade and the like are nothing more than glorified Coca-Cola. Look at the label. Youngsters and teens are consuming on average 32 oz of sugar laden beverages per day! The two primary drinks are sodas and fluid replacement drinks.

Columnist Jane Brody takes a look at the health impact of different beverages in a recent article.