Monday, April 9, 2007


1. Begin with the End. Paint a vivid picture of exactly what it is you want. See yourself in this position. All your senses are in play. Include sounds, smells. Paint it on a big canvas. Use your success journal to compose this visual. Read it frequently. At a minimum upon rising and then again before retiring for the evening.

2. State your goal publicly. This creates positive pressure on you to accomplish your goal. I suggest you share it with your circle of trust. Not the "YES" people in your life. The ones who will be honest and hold you to your word.

3. Establish your deadline. A goal in worthless without an expiration date. Your target should be realistic. This is should be part of your step number four.

4. Commit your goal to paper. This can be written at the bottom of step number one. When you read your visual step followed by the goal you are cementing the picture in your mind. An honest goal will also include benefits of accomplishing a goal and the trade offs of accomplishing the stated goal.

5. Commit to your goal and the process for 21 days. New behaviors have a better chance of becoming routine with a regular practice for 3 weeks.
While at first glance this appears easy don't be fooled. If takes deep resolve. It can be intimidating to share your warts with your family,friends and annouce to the world your objectives. However, I have watch these five steps in action and can tell you that they are very effective.