Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have watched the procrastination habit (soft addiction) bring down the most successful of individuals. It's a funky little behavior that rears it's ugly head in almost everyone depending upon the issue. I found these tips useful in dealing with the procrastination habit.
-Its better to get a task done sooner rather than later.
-Reward yourself for completing the task, one way or another. (Note: The reward should be simple yet significantly better than the short term satisfaction of delaying what needs to be done in the first place.)
-Try and have the task challenge you.
-Work to a schedule.
-Create a working environment without temptations.
-If you are not confident, train and prepare yourself.
-Procrastination is a habit. Break it.
-Split tasks and reward yourself for doing each smaller chunk.
-Consider your options for bringing delays/rewards closer.
-Set personal deadlines and let people know about it.