Saturday, November 29, 2008


If you are interested, we will be moving towards our per usual winter emphasis of more max effort black box training (MEBB). This has been dealt with at length through various issues of the PERFORMANCE MENU.

Here's the outline.

Monday- Total Body (T) / High Hang Power Clean, Deck Power Clean, Cleans
Wednesday-Lower Body (L)/ Zercher Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat
Friday-Upper Body (U) / Press, Push Press, Jerk

Rep Rotations
Wk 1 5 x 5
Wk 2 5 x 3
Wk 3 5 x 1

The daily routine is as follows:

-Warm-up Moves
-M.E. Focus
-CrossFit Mixed Mode GPP
-P-Chain Move (Monday - Hip Bridge Variant, Wednesday-Reverse Hyper, Friday-Glute-Ham Raise)
-Eight Great Post Stretch Moves
-Foam Roller or Stick for the problem areas.

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday/ Sunday -- Light walks and other restoration activities.

If you are still confused stick around and it will become abundantly clear what we are doing.